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Review: Bonnebell Gel Bronze

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Bonnebell Gel Bronze is outstanding for the price! I am a sunless tanner junkie and have tried pretty much everything. This product is great for applying over your lotion after it dries. Bonnebell Gel Bronze should defiantly added to your “getting ready” routine. A lot of instant tan products work well, but they are either to sticky, shimmery or take to long to dry. I don’t even have to worry about staining a white shirt when I use Bonnebell Gel Bronze. Of course you need to wash your hands after applying, but it comes off easy and will not stain your hands. The gel bronze also has no smell at all. The Gel Bronze comes in a smaller tube, but it lasts long. Also since it is so small I often through it in my purse if I want a quick touch up on a night out. The best part about this product is that it is $4.00! I initially bought this product at my local grocery store to try it out because it was so cheap. I never expected to receive such positive. Some instant tanning bronzer’ in between 20-40 dollars that werent as good as this $4.00 Bonnebell Gel Bronze. After trying this product I went back to the grocery store and purchased five more tubes to stock up! Even if you don’t like the product you only risked four dollars! Summer is the best time to start trying new tanning products and, “Bonnebell Gel Bronze” should be on the top of your list. This is an instant fix, kind of like a makeup touch up for your skin. You can apply the bronze to your face and body, but I prefer just my body because I use moisturizer on my face. The product is moisturizing, but you should apply your usual lotion first. After your lotion dries apply the Gel Bronze. I love this product! I always have one tube on the bathroom counter and one in my purse!

Amazon.com Picture $34.00- Option of 2 day free shipping as of 5/28/1031SsAI oOkL__AA300_

Even though the price four this eye shadow is a little pricey, if your looking for a brand name eye shadow pallet this one is the one too get. I am a bargain hunter, but I am a quality gatherer first. As long as it works well I don’t care if it is brand name or not.

For example: There are many name brand mascara's I have tried that don’t work nearly as well as the old school Maybelline from the drug store. This has pallet has 8 generous sized eye shadows with a great amount of depth. There are colors the everyday person can use, not just three colors the average person would like. I hate when I buy an eye shadow pallet and only end up using a few of the eye shadows. It is like throwing away half of the money you spent. The eye shadow makes your eyes “pop.”

Example of the magic of this eye shadow:

I put on eye shadow everyday, when I put the

shadow from the Kat Von D pallet, my boyfriend goes, “wow did you do your makeup?”

I was like, “Yess I always do my makeup.” He said he knows, but this time it looked

different and really good.

Overall, if your going to end up spending around $35.00 on some eye shadow, the True

Love pallet by Kat Von D would be my first!

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imagesCA0GDTF4 A few years ago my best friends mother found out she had cancer. After her

chemotherapy sessions were finished due to her recovery; her doctor suggested she use

“Nioxin,” hair care products to stimulate her hair growth.  i had never heard of a doctor

suggesting hair care products before. It peaked my interest enough to give the product a

shot. I bought the Nioxin level 4 shampoo and scalp therapy (conditioner). After using the

Nioxin consistently for three months my hair was completely transformed. Before it was

and not to thin, just a little damaged from the bleach used to color my hair blonde at my

salon. After my hair looked like it was featured on a commercial. My hair was long, thick,

shiny and vibrant. I had the longest, thickest pony tail I have ever had in my life. My hair

had less tangles, and hardly any frizzes. Being that I live in Houston, Texas the fact that

I have no frzz in my hair should be considered a miracle. The level four is the best to me

personally because it is the strongest. Even though you might not consider yourself to

have thinning hair I would still recommend the level four. Also, Nioxin has to be used

consistantly in order to work. It also takes about 2-3 months before you notice the

difference (well worth the wait). The only down side is the price. Due to how great the

product is I am surprised it doesn’t cost more, but there are many ways to save on Nioxin.

If you have a “Ulta,” store in your state, they always have coupons for 20% off. Also, If you

the huge bottles of the Nioxin (1000 ml 33.8 fl oz!) it lasts from 3-6 months depending on

how much hair you have. For those of you who are ok with your hair, you’ll LOVE your hair

after using Nioxin. For those of you who don’t like your hair, you will LOVE your hair after

using Nioxin.

Works improving your hair from every angle. It get rid of thinning hair, dry hair, oily hair, frizzy hair, and dull hair.

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Overall, I would not use anything else. The funniest part is I got my 56 year old father

hooked on it, and he is the last person who would be interested in hair products! He has

more hair now, he says, than in his twenties! Please leave me a comment on viewpoints

after you have success with Nioxin. (p.s. one las tip: Nioxin has 4 levels 1,2,3,4 – don’t

switch numbers. For example: don’t get the three system because it is on sale when you

usually use 4; it doesn’t work as well. Nioxin stabilizes it’s specific number recipe starting

at the root of your hair. If your root doesn’t recognize it’s set ingredients it doesn’t’ perform

as well (still amazing) but you want to make sure you get the best out of the system. I love

Nioxin and recommend it to all my friends, family and anyone who will listen.


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I Will Never Trust Another One Especially One Like You 

Good and understood

Fuck the way you didn't treat me
The way you knew you should

Selfishly and blatantly
I was consumed by your fire

I remember so well because
I lit the match with my desire

You made me feel so genuine
While I was so incomplete
I fought against your love with fists and knives
But you still swept me off my feet

Then you got what you wanted
Damn It! I should have known
I saw you with that bitch
Who you'll repeat me with
That looked just like my clone

So Fuck the way you fucked me
Good and Understood

I'll never trust another one
Especially one like you

I'll never trust another guy
That Fucked as good as you.

Chapter One: I broke the Mirror

JCACXXS89CA9JH3B8CA9T5NOKCAGZI0EECAJT9K5BCAMSUKNKCAE5FOIHCAZ06S92CAZ0TLEQCANLENZSCAUZ04XJCA5NBCRECAW3JLZ7CA3HK77ECAOBPQC9CA3U6J5CCATU3KMACAK8QK69CAQCV0GG I grew up in an empty house. I describe my humble abode as empty, because every piece of furniture, color and decoration was arranged and colored in a way that made it appear non-existent. Everything was correlated in a pastel plain seeking nature. If my mother had her way our house would have looked and felt like an upscale waiting room in a hospital. There was no life flowing through it, no individuality. Know that I look back it was the lack of color that made the place feel so dead. It was almost as if the open white curtains and opaque colored "everything," exuded more darkness than light. My parents treated me like I was an adult as soon as I could speak. My mother Cynthia Porter, was a former socialite due to her fathers prior success in the oil industry. She also had a heavy hand in operations related to the stock market, which became a very lucrative asset for her. My father was a successful sports writer for numerous magazines. The high paying salary was sufficient, but my father's main appeal of his job was the traveling nine months out of the year. I came to accept at an early age that my parents occupations came before me. I also came to accept that I had to be alone most of the ti me. Until I was thirteen, An eighty seventy six year old, smelly woman named Mrs. May, was my sole authority figure. She wasn’t so bad. I enjoyed her because she could sleep through anything, and napped most of the day. One time when I was seven, I lit the kitchen towels on fire and she slept through the fire men carrying her out of my house. The loneliness and boredom this old lady provided was justification enough for me for my actions. Being so bored that burning down a kitchen seems entertaining, is crazy but I was really, really bored. Months from that incident if Sarah had not come around, I might have set my whole neighborhood block into flames.

Sarah Matthews came into my consciousness on December 24, 1992. It was a Sunday morning. My grandmother was in town (staying at a nice hotel and not our house; of course) and I was getting ready for church. The last time we attended church was a year ago when my grandmother was in town. I was starring in the white Victorian bordered mirror my mother gave me for Christmas. I actually liked it, but she insisted I use the heavy metal brush that matched the Victorian woven vanity set. The brush was heavy in my little hands, and because the brush was for decretive and not hair friendly purposes; it didn’t do a good job of brushing through my uncooperative locks of hair. I was pulling my metal brush through a tuff tangle when the brush slipped out of my hand and hit the mirror. I gasped and looked to see if any damage was done to the vanity. That’s the first time I saw Sarah. She was standing right behind me. I stared at our identical reflections in the mirror. We both appeared the same age, with matching icy blonde hair, pale skin and emerald green flickering eyes. "Don’t worry Cassidy, I am not going to hurt you, I'm your best friend; you know that right?" I did know it. I knew the second I saw her. A feeling of calm, love and undeniable heat rushed through me. I felt a sense of love from her that was so strong it almost attacked me. She was surrounded by an aura of extreme, gnawing realness that was so strong her presence almost knocked my off my feet. "Your not crazy either Cassidy, and I'm not your imaginary friend." I am not so sure she was right about the crazy part, but I was eight years old; which is a little to old to encompass a made up play date. Sarah began to explain that she didn’t know why she was here. She told me that she wasn’t a ghost, supernatural creature or messenger from God. All she knew was that this is where she was supposed to be, and everything was going to be ok. "This is my first memory Cassidy, I know you feel it is too." Strangely I instinctually believed this was her first memory, but I wasn’t so sure everything was going to be ok. Was this my mind playing tricks on me? Did eight years of virtually no attention, affection and lack of human interaction allow my mind to entertain such visions? We were still looking at each other through the mirrors reflection. I was scared to face her because that would mean this is really happening. Sarah looked away from our reflections and faced me. She took a deep comforting breathe and said, "Well do you have anything to say?" My knees began to buckle, and I steadied myself on the vanity chair. I looked straight at her and the only words I conjure myself to project were, "I broke the mirror."

Writer's Block: Another country

Do you have good friends from other countries that you've met on LiveJournal? Have you ever met them in person? If not, do you think you ever will?

no because no one will friend request me or help me with live journal

The Dream

The Dream That Felt More Than Real
Dreams usually aren’t considered important or taken very seriously, but one night, when I was eighteen, I had a dream that changed my life. When I was fourteen, my brother passed away in a tragic car accident. He was only twenty-two years old. I was devastated when my brother died. I always wished I could talk to him one more time. Little did I know, in a weird way, I was about to get my wish.
The dream started on the Friday night before my nineteenth birthday. I remember that night I was exhausted from swimming all day, and couldn’t wait to go to bed. I put on my pajamas, turned off the TV, and crawled into bed. It seemed like the dream began the moment my head hit the pillow. I started to hear the faint sound of a radio and felt as if I was moving. Then all of a sudden I heard my brother say, “wakeup!”I opened my eyes and realized I was in my brothers’ red Camaro. I could smell the new car smell along with the smell of new leather. His car felt so real; I had no idea I was dreaming. My brother told me he woke me up to show me his new apartment. All of a sudden, I heard a clap of lightning, followed by thunder. It started to rain. My brother’s car started to pick up speed, and I rolled my eyes. He looked at me and obviously saw I was perturbed, so he started to slow the car down. I hated when my brother drove to fast. I used to constantly tell my brother how much his driving bothered me. It was so selfish for him to drive recklessly. Not only did he risk hurting himself or someone else, he risked hurting his family. After what seemed like an eternity, he pulled up to his apartment complex. It was still raining, so I grabbed my brother’s grey Auburn University sweatshirt from the backseat to cover my head. He parked the car, and we got out. I followed him towards some stairs. As we went up, I could hear our feet echo on the concrete steps. My brother used his key to open the apartment door, and we hurried inside. For some odd reason, the kitchen was the only area of the apartment lit up. The rest of the apartment was pitch black; it seemed like it didn’t exist. I took a seat at his kitchen table, and he followed. I talked to my brother about what was going on in school, about my friends, about what I’d been doing. It seemed like we talked for hours at that kitchen table. Then, after some time, we stopped talking all together. Out of nowhere, my brother’s demeanor seemed to change; he looked upset. “You have to go now,” he said. “Ok, are you ready to take me home?” I asked. “No, you just need to leave now,” he stammered.
I was very confused and angry. I thought my brother had lost his mind. I could’ve easily slept on the couch and gone home in the morning. The fact that he would let me just leave in the middle of the night was weird; he was always very protective over me. I quickly got up from the table and stormed out the front door. I held on to the black metal handrail as I ran down the concrete steps. The rail was cold and still wet from the rain, and my hand suddenly slipped. I completely lost my balance and fell down the remaining steps. When I landed at the bottom of the steps, I wiped my lips, and saw some blood. I could taste the metallic, iron taste of blood in my mouth and began to cry.
That is when I woke up; I was sitting almost straight up in bed. I realized there were tears streaming down my face. I took a deep breath and started to go over the dream in my head from beginning to end. I really wanted to keep crying, but I decided to smile instead. I’m not crazy; I know this was just a dream and not some way my brother was trying to communicate with me. Even if I believed in that sort of thing, that just wasn’t my brothers style. I know it sounds silly, but I think it was cool to see and talk to my brother that night even though I know it wasn’t real.
About two years ago on Christmas, I went over to my dad’s house. After we ate dinner, I asked my dad if he had any old tee shirts I could have. I love my dad’s old tee shirts. They are so comfortable, soft, and great to sleep in. No matter how many times those old shirts are washed, they always smell like home to me. My dad told me to look in his cedar chest in the closet. I opened the chest, and picked out a few tee shirts. I was about to close the chest when I saw my brothers grey Auburn University sweatshirt. The sweatshirt looked identical to the one I used in my dream to cover my head from the rain. I put the sweatshirt in the pile with the tee shirts. Whenever I look at that sweatshirt, it not only reminds me of my brother, it also reminds me of the craziest dream I have ever had

Jessica Rabbit's Adivice

Dear Jessica,

Please if you have any advice....

 I am exhausted.  Worn out.  Fried from watching kids all day.  The last thing I want is my husband touching me in the evening.  When we get to bed, I like to be left alone; untouched so I can sleep freely; knowing the next day the kids are going to be all over me again.


Any advice to get over this?  I know my husband is hurting b/c of the need to take a break every night.




Jessica Rabbits Advice

I understand when your life is so busy, relaxing enough to sleep can be challenging. Let alone relaxing yourself enough to get in the mood for your husband. Also, men can get turned on in an instant while we need time to get there. But, in all reality your husband is right. I always say “it doesn’t hurt to lift your skirt.” You just have to tell yourself that since you guys are so tired it probably won’t take that long. Once you start doing it, even if you initially didn’t want to; it always usually starts to feel good. Think about it like working out. The hardest part is getting dressed and going to the gym, but once your there it’s easy.
The bottom line is you work so hard for your family. The last thing you want is the added stress of marital problems. Sex is the glue that holds a relationship together. Your husband loves you, and wanted to marry you because he only wants to sleep with you.
Your children are happy if the two of you are happy. Children are very smart and can sense if there is tension between you guys. Your kids feel the most secure when the two of you are secure.
Whenever you can tell he is about to initiate sex, ignore that voice in your head that says, “Please don’t I’m so tired, not tonight.” I’m going to give you a challenge: every time he initiates make yourself do it for one month. You will feel less stressed, happier, more confident and most importantly more connected with your husband.
Also, don’t be worried that you’re just not interested in sex anymore. Like I said before women need time for their engine to get revved up, and stress doesn’t help at all with that!
One thing you can do to remind your brain that you are still sexual is to take care of yourself. Do this at least once a week when you’re taking a bath or have some time alone. Taking care of yourself sexually helps because it sends a message to your brain saying, “I forgot this feels so great, why don’t I do this more?” If you have a little time, picking up a little erotica book for yourself to read that couldn’t hurt either. I hope this helps and remember always tell yourself “it doesn’t hurt to lift your skirt.” Let me know how it goes.
p.s you sound like a great mom.



Carrie Marie

Some food for thought. I will follow up with you on this; thank you for the advice!






Ask Jessia Rabbit

My passion in life is giving people advice. I’ve been doing it since I was a little girl. I'm the first person my friends call when they have a problem. I give the best advice on sex, love and relationships. I say what is on my mind and never give people asking me advice any bs. It hurts people more when they are told it’s ok to live in denial. In this group there will be none of that!!

I want this to be a place everyone knows they can visit when they’re upset, have a problem or want to share their advice, stories, poems, quotes and words of encouragement in regards to love, sex and relationships.

My page isn’t just going to be filled with serious aspects of love, sex and relationships. Feel free to submit funny sex stories, funny relationship stories, sex news stories, celebrity love/relationship gossip etc.

I will check every day to answer your questions (I hope there are a lot of them soon).

I love making people feel like they are heard and understood. I love making people feel like they aren’t overanalyzing anything, and at the same time; I love to tell a person to take a deep breath because they are over analyzing the situation. Sometimes all you need is the truth and that is what I give. Relationships and love can easily drive anyone crazy. I’m the girl to snap you out of it.

Words are so powerful. One piece of advice can have the ability to change someone’s life in a positive way. It will be my mission to make this space become a safe haven and guilty pleasure at the same time.

I prefer everyone to act like adults and be respectful. You don’t want to mess with me! I don’t care if you use curse words (I cuss like a sailor) or share posts of a mature or adult nature. Cussing and mature content; just don’t act like a fool! You don’t want to mess with me!

Remember, I would love if this group started off with some questions to ask me, but anyone can send in anything they find interesting, inspiring, or beautiful pertaining to love, sex and relationships.

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