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Ask Jessia Rabbit

My passion in life is giving people advice. I’ve been doing it since I was a little girl. I'm the first person my friends call when they have a problem. I give the best advice on sex, love and relationships. I say what is on my mind and never give people asking me advice any bs. It hurts people more when they are told it’s ok to live in denial. In this group there will be none of that!!

I want this to be a place everyone knows they can visit when they’re upset, have a problem or want to share their advice, stories, poems, quotes and words of encouragement in regards to love, sex and relationships.

My page isn’t just going to be filled with serious aspects of love, sex and relationships. Feel free to submit funny sex stories, funny relationship stories, sex news stories, celebrity love/relationship gossip etc.

I will check every day to answer your questions (I hope there are a lot of them soon).

I love making people feel like they are heard and understood. I love making people feel like they aren’t overanalyzing anything, and at the same time; I love to tell a person to take a deep breath because they are over analyzing the situation. Sometimes all you need is the truth and that is what I give. Relationships and love can easily drive anyone crazy. I’m the girl to snap you out of it.

Words are so powerful. One piece of advice can have the ability to change someone’s life in a positive way. It will be my mission to make this space become a safe haven and guilty pleasure at the same time.

I prefer everyone to act like adults and be respectful. You don’t want to mess with me! I don’t care if you use curse words (I cuss like a sailor) or share posts of a mature or adult nature. Cussing and mature content; just don’t act like a fool! You don’t want to mess with me!

Remember, I would love if this group started off with some questions to ask me, but anyone can send in anything they find interesting, inspiring, or beautiful pertaining to love, sex and relationships.

So Go Head…Take a Deep Breath...Let It Out

Ask Jessica Rabbit…She knows her shit!



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