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imagesCA0GDTF4 A few years ago my best friends mother found out she had cancer. After her

chemotherapy sessions were finished due to her recovery; her doctor suggested she use

“Nioxin,” hair care products to stimulate her hair growth.  i had never heard of a doctor

suggesting hair care products before. It peaked my interest enough to give the product a

shot. I bought the Nioxin level 4 shampoo and scalp therapy (conditioner). After using the

Nioxin consistently for three months my hair was completely transformed. Before it was

and not to thin, just a little damaged from the bleach used to color my hair blonde at my

salon. After my hair looked like it was featured on a commercial. My hair was long, thick,

shiny and vibrant. I had the longest, thickest pony tail I have ever had in my life. My hair

had less tangles, and hardly any frizzes. Being that I live in Houston, Texas the fact that

I have no frzz in my hair should be considered a miracle. The level four is the best to me

personally because it is the strongest. Even though you might not consider yourself to

have thinning hair I would still recommend the level four. Also, Nioxin has to be used

consistantly in order to work. It also takes about 2-3 months before you notice the

difference (well worth the wait). The only down side is the price. Due to how great the

product is I am surprised it doesn’t cost more, but there are many ways to save on Nioxin.

If you have a “Ulta,” store in your state, they always have coupons for 20% off. Also, If you

the huge bottles of the Nioxin (1000 ml 33.8 fl oz!) it lasts from 3-6 months depending on

how much hair you have. For those of you who are ok with your hair, you’ll LOVE your hair

after using Nioxin. For those of you who don’t like your hair, you will LOVE your hair after

using Nioxin.

Works improving your hair from every angle. It get rid of thinning hair, dry hair, oily hair, frizzy hair, and dull hair.

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Overall, I would not use anything else. The funniest part is I got my 56 year old father

hooked on it, and he is the last person who would be interested in hair products! He has

more hair now, he says, than in his twenties! Please leave me a comment on viewpoints

after you have success with Nioxin. (p.s. one las tip: Nioxin has 4 levels 1,2,3,4 – don’t

switch numbers. For example: don’t get the three system because it is on sale when you

usually use 4; it doesn’t work as well. Nioxin stabilizes it’s specific number recipe starting

at the root of your hair. If your root doesn’t recognize it’s set ingredients it doesn’t’ perform

as well (still amazing) but you want to make sure you get the best out of the system. I love

Nioxin and recommend it to all my friends, family and anyone who will listen.




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