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Review: Bonnebell Gel Bronze

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Bonnebell Gel Bronze is outstanding for the price! I am a sunless tanner junkie and have tried pretty much everything. This product is great for applying over your lotion after it dries. Bonnebell Gel Bronze should defiantly added to your “getting ready” routine. A lot of instant tan products work well, but they are either to sticky, shimmery or take to long to dry. I don’t even have to worry about staining a white shirt when I use Bonnebell Gel Bronze. Of course you need to wash your hands after applying, but it comes off easy and will not stain your hands. The gel bronze also has no smell at all. The Gel Bronze comes in a smaller tube, but it lasts long. Also since it is so small I often through it in my purse if I want a quick touch up on a night out. The best part about this product is that it is $4.00! I initially bought this product at my local grocery store to try it out because it was so cheap. I never expected to receive such positive. Some instant tanning bronzer’ in between 20-40 dollars that werent as good as this $4.00 Bonnebell Gel Bronze. After trying this product I went back to the grocery store and purchased five more tubes to stock up! Even if you don’t like the product you only risked four dollars! Summer is the best time to start trying new tanning products and, “Bonnebell Gel Bronze” should be on the top of your list. This is an instant fix, kind of like a makeup touch up for your skin. You can apply the bronze to your face and body, but I prefer just my body because I use moisturizer on my face. The product is moisturizing, but you should apply your usual lotion first. After your lotion dries apply the Gel Bronze. I love this product! I always have one tube on the bathroom counter and one in my purse!




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