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Im new here and want to add friends. Im confused about the best way to work this site. I upgraded to the paid version, but that hasnt really been helpful!!

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What is the best remedy for dry dull hair?

Home remedies for your face work great, but ones for your hair don’t produce good results. A cheap way to help your hair would be to give your hair a conditioning treatment. After you wash your hair, put it into a towel until your hair is damp. Take either a conditioning treatment or just your regular conditioner and put a good amount through your hair. Wait half an hour (or longer if you have time). Then go back in the shower or bath and rinse your hair will cold water. The cold water locks in the conditioning properties more because the heat steams out the conditioning chemicals, and the water locks them in. (by the way, don’t use cold water if you’re sick or have a cold). Do this at least twice a week. When your hair is dry apply a leave in conditioning spray or gel in your hair. I like the Bed Head and Paul Mitchell ones, but if you don’t want to spend that much money there are some great ones by Aveeno.

If your hair is really that dry the solution that will work no matter what is the shampoo and conditioner by “Nioxin.” Nioxin hair products have the potential to make your hair look like it was just in a commercial.

Nioxin is so strong that cancer patients have reported using is when they were ready for their hair to grow back. Nioxin is great for people who bleach their hair, get highlights or dye their hair. I have blonde hair (fake of course) and if it wasn’t for Nioxin, I would have to dye it brown due to the damage from the bleach. Within a few months of using Nioxin your hair is silky and contains no frizzies. There are 4 levels of Nioxin, I would suggest the shampoo and conditioner level 4. It is the best because it is for naturally thinning and chemically processed hair. Even if you don’t color your hair, or view your hair as thin, level 4 is still the way to go because it’s the strongest. I know it is expensive; but if you get the big liters they last forever. Also, Ulta often has it on sale for buy two get one free. There are also 20% off coupons through Ulta that can help.

If you decide to get Nioxin there is one rule you have to follow for it to work: YOU CANT STOP USING IT! I learned this the hard way. It takes about 2 months for you to notice a huge difference in your hair quality, if you use any other shampoo and conditioner, even once the process starts all over again. Using serums, hair sprays, hair gels, and leave in conditioners that aren’t Nioxin is completely fine, just the shampoo and conditioner need to remain Nioxin. Hope you get it! I even got my 56 year old dad hooked on the stuff!

The only other thing I’ve heard of that helps your hair is the vitamin called Biotin. I have taken it in the past and didn’t really see a difference, but it may work for you.


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What is the best way to act in case of drug overdose of a friend?

Dude, if you’re talking about a friend who had a drug overdose, tell him/her you will do everything in your power to help him/her live but you wont be a part of the reason he dies. You should also not drink or partake in any recreational drug or alcohol use in front of him. Some people can handle having a few drinks, or even smoking a little bit here and there. But, those who can't usually find themselves in a situation similar to your friend. If it was a suicide attempt there is absolutely nothing you can do accept pray (if you have a spiritual outlet or preference). Also, the best thing to do is only give them help if it benefits recovery. You have to remember your friend isn’t in control. The drug dominates, decides and controls your friends thought process, it is a disease. p.s if you’re talking about saving a friend while their overdosing my only reference would be Pulp Fiction All jokes aside good luck, the fact that your worried shows that you care. GO WITH YOUR GUT, humans have it for a reason: to protect themselves and others from harm.


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Why Do Women Cry More Than Men?

Well…women “stereotypically” cry more and express more emotion than most men for the same reason men typically cry and express emotion less: WE WERE TAUGHT TO BEHAVE THAT WAY. When little boys cry it isn’t uncommon for their mother or father to say something like, “Suck it up! Don’t cry like a girl!” Instead of the expressing how you feel, men are taught at a young age that it is not acceptable. Everyone wants to feel included and accepted. If crying makes a man “stereotypically” weak and less of a man it is easier to hold emotions in. Not to mention, since boys are taught at an early age crying is more of a female trait than a male trait they have years to practice harnessing those emotions.

Women are taught that it is ok to cry, and as little girls instead of being ridiculed or scolded for crying they are comforted most of the time.

Think about this: Before boy’s or girl’s were old enough to write a Christmas, or birthday list their parents would always pick toy’s that defined them as male or female. Boy’s got toy cars and G.I Joe’s, and girls received Barbie Dolls, and Suzie Bake Ovens.

I wonder what the world would be like if men weren’t raised to hide their emotions, and women weren’t raised to let their emotions pose as a way to be comforted or heard.

P.S: I Broke My Suzie Bake Oven

Overall, It’s our parent s fault in conforming societies stereotypes, they just didn’t want their daughters to get made fun of, and didn’t want their son’s to get their asses kicked.

If you are a man…out of last five times you cried how of the time were you alone?

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You would date a person if they were bisexual and you were straight?

It all depends on how comfortable and secure you are. I personally, think having males and females as competition would be too much for me to handle. You also, need to make sure the person who claims to be bisexual; is really bisexual. What I mean is, having a fantasy about the opposite sex doesn’t necessarily mean that you equally prefer males and females. Also, you have to make sure that person isn’t just really "gay" and having the title of "bisexual" makes them more comfortable in slowly coming out. Overall, even if your relationship is built on trust, the possible temptation of both men and women would be something I couldn’t feel secure about. Here is a checklist you should complete before dating this person.

1) Is your gut instinct telling you this person is more gay than bisexual?

2) What is this person's history in dating? How many males has he dated comparing to females and vice versa?

3) Can you truly feel comfortable dating someone who has the whole world to choose from in terms of gender?

4) How long has this person been bisexual, and at what point in their life did this sexual orientation?

5) Is this person not willing to give you enough information in terms of what he/she prefers sexually, and why?



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